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Free V Bucks Generator for Fortnite - 2021
This vbucks generator should be used only when you really need new skins or free battle pass.

How to Get V Bucks in Fortnite for Free?

We created this generator which allow you to access the hacks for Fortnite on each and every platform where the game is available, so that you can face cheats every time you find someone in-game, since otherwise you will not be able to fight him. And it is that obviously these aids are a huge advantage over any strategy or the players' own ability, and can be counteracted only by using our vbucks generator for Fortnite you too.


Do not worry, since the links listed here will be updated as their new versions come out, and only cheats and hacks will be offered for Fortnite Battle Royale that include an anti-ban.

So that you can always keep the use of cheats hidden from the rest of the players and developers, thus avoiding that your account is in danger. And it is that although it is free, it is a hassle to have to recreate a new profile to play.

¿How to get Free VBUCKS in Fortnite?

If you are looking to get unlimited vbucks in this game, you can make use of external applications (which you will have to download) that can damage your computer, or use an online v bucks generator (coins). This system is the safest, you will only have to connect with your account (without the need for a password) and by means of a virtual hack, the vbucks will be added to your account.

It should be said that this system should not be abused since you can be expelled from the game when they count the v bucks. That is to say; do not put more than 100,000 vbucks in the same account several times. Try to distribute the times you plan to use the trick over time.

V Bucks Generator Hack

Follow these steps to make use of the PAVOS online generator.

Enter your username

Select the amount of vbucks you want.

Click the button to generate VBUCKS!

Wait for the cheat to finish and you will have your coins in the account you selected.

Tricks Fortnite for PC that will make you look like a professional.

Yes, the cheats for Fortnite exist and since it is PC the favorite platform of this title is where we can find more advanced versions of them, with which you can do practically anything in-game and it will be very easy for you to master during the game .

Our guide to get free v bucks

The use of the tool does NOT represent any threat to the player or the game. It does NOT require the download and installation of any program. We also do not redirect the user to malicious links or contact him in any way. We will never ask you for passwords to your Fortnite account or any other account. We DO NOT have access to passwords or confidential data of our users. The risk of banning is NULL since the coins generated do not represent an advantage over other players. They could only be used to improve the player's appearance.

While it is true that you can generate as many free V-Bucks as you want, we recommend that you use the tool moderately and do not abuse it. From Fortnite / Epic Games, they can see the number of V-Bucks you have in your account and if they see a very large increase in V-Bucks in a short period of time, the alarms may go off and they may check your account manually, which it can bring you problems. If the use of the tool is adequate, at no time will you suffer the risk of being banned by Fortnite, since the hacking method used to get V-Bucks for free is completely transparent and anonymous to Fornite.


In the Fortnite universe many things are offered, in various types and ranges, however not all of them can be accessed, unless you have Fortnite V-bucks. This is the currency that is handled in the game and with which you can acquire anything, including skins, amotes, dances, everything. This makes V-bucks so precious, and to have them you must buy them. However, there are certain recommendations with which you can get some V-bucks, which today we will leave you here on our website.



More Free vBucks hack tools

In the market there are other types of Hacks for Fortnite such as the famous Aimbot, which is software that offers many advantages to the player who uses it, such as automatically targeting players, automatically shooting players, eliminating the recoil of the weapon, increase the rate of the weapon, increase the severity of the shots, always have thermal vision etc. However, these types of Fortnite hacks are evident to the Fortnite / Epic Games team and sooner or later they end up finding them and banning the users who use them. With this generator of free V-Bucks you will not have that problem, since the only thing it generates are virtual game currencies, with which you can buy accessories, which at no time represent an obvious advantage against the rival.